Winners and Losers in the world of escorting

Are there winners and losers when it comes to escorting? In other words, are some escorts more popular than others? Most girls who have spent any time in escorting will tell you that it is very hard to pinpoint why a certain escort becomes popular. The girls that I work with at Barbican escorts of are some of the hottest sex kittens in London. They have pretty much the same qualities but yet there are some girls who are more popular than others.


I am not sure how that really works out, and spotting a top escort in the making is more or less impossible. Some girls have joined Barbican escorts and looked like super models, however, I can’t say that they have become the top escorts at the agency. Often to my surprise, the most beautiful escorts have not become the escorts which dates the most. It could be that some gents simply don’t want to take out the most beautiful girls and may even feel a little bit intimidated by them.


Th other day I spent some time chatting to one of the gents I have been dating at Barbican escorts for a long time. I was anxious to find out why some escorts are winners and others are loses. His answer some what surprised me. He may not speak for all gents, but he certainly seemed to speak for the vast majority of gents who used escort services in London. What many men are looking for when they date escorts, is the girl next door look.


In other words, they would like their date to be pretty but not over the top so. He told me that he had dated a lot of beautiful girls at elite escort agencies in London, but there were one major problem. They seemed to be more interested in themselves than their gentlemen dates he said, and that is why a gent prefers to date the girl next door. It surprised me, but I guess that is true. As far as I know, the girls at Barbican escorts really do like to pay personal attention to their dates.


Personal attention is really what it is all about to be fair. When you are busy like the girls at Barbican escorts tend to be, it is easy to forget that personal attention is what really matters when it comes to good dating. I love to slow things done a little bit and take it easy on my dates. If you really want your date to enjoy his time with you, it is vital not to rush that date. It may be easier said than done, but I think that a date becomes so much better when you just focus on having a good time together, and not showing off your looks all of the time. Some girls really do have a thing about showing off their good looks and that may not be what the gent remembers about the date when it is over.

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