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I have always wondered if homosexual people watch heterosexual porn, asks Vivian from Reading escorts. I had a friend when I was younger who was gay and he said that he washed heterosexual porn from time to time. I find it really strange but he says it was an enjoyable experience, and he seemed to actually love it. I am sure that a lot of homosexual people are very fluid about their sexuality, and that makes them sort of okay with heterosexual porn. Now, working for Reading escorts, I don’t know any homosexual people and it is a bit sad. I used to enjoy the company of my friend.


Tina is one of the top escorts at VIP Reading escorts from and she says that she knows to homosexuals do watch heterosexual porn. A lot of my homosexual friends seem to enjoy any kind of sex and it is a bit of an odd feeling, but they do. They are really into any kind of porn and I think it is just the make-up of the people. Bisexuals Reading escorts seem to be exactly the same, so perhaps they have different genes from what we do. We are maybe too close minded, she says.


I think the problem is that there isn’t a lot of good quality homosexual porn out there, says Sara from Reading escorts. Most of my gay friends are always complaining that it is hard to find good quality porn when you are gay, so perhaps this is why they watch a lot of other porn. I do know that a lot of gays enjoy girl-on-girl porn as well, and I suppose that is just another aspect to their character. As a matter of fact, I know some Reading escorts who have been in girlie porn movies and have a huge gay following.


Sara continues, I have never personally watched homosexual porn, and I don’t really want to do that. Some of my Reading escorts say it is an acquired taste and many of the porn movies are not that well made. If that is the case, I can understand why so many gay men turn to other forms of porn. There is nothing worse than a bad porn movie. Anita, one of the girls who works with me at Reading escorts, says that a lot of homosexual porn movies are made by private people and do not measure up.


Are we too caught up in this whole them and us thing to appreciate that others may just appreciate other forms of sexuality? A good porn movie can be interesting to watch, but there are a lot of bad porn movies out there these days as well. Amateur porn is just rubbish and should not really be shown anywhere. It has damaged the serious porn industry and many actors have lost their jobs. The entire porn industry really needs to take step back and take a look at itself. Maybe they should lobby the government to have amateur porn banned.

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