To Play for Better or Worse

Role play is great but it is so easy to get stuck in rut when it comes to role play. I think that an important part of the element of role play is surprise, and I love to surprise my gents at London escorts. Some girls at London escorts only have about 5 roles that they like to play, but I am always changing my game plan as I like to call it. It challenges me and it also challenges many of the gents that I date.

The girls who are knew to London escorts often find it hard to be creative when it comes to role play. When I first started to work for London escorts I did have a bit of a hard time to come up with new ideas for role play, but now I let all sorts of things inspire me. Once you start looking around, you will see that there are plenty of things that you can get a kick out of when it comes to role play. Open a comic book and see what you can find.

Role play is all about fantasy. When I am not at London escorts, I do spend a lot of time dreaming up new ideas for role play. Most of the time the ideas come to when I am in bed so I now keep a note by my bed. At the moment, the gents who visit me a t London escorts, can expect to be treated to various playful scenarios and I love giving them at least a little bit of variation on their date nights with me at charlotte London escorts.

When I had two weeks off from charlotte London escorts recently, I travelled with my mum to Japan. She really deserved a treat and I needed a break from London escorts. During my time in Japan, I came across Hentai porn and I also met a couple of Japanese girls who worked as geishas. Both gave me some great ideas for role play at charlotte London escorts, and I know treat some of my dates to a complete Japanese fantasy world. I was not sure that they liked it at first, but many of them have become rather hooked on my little fantasy world.

It is funny, but you can find inspiration almost anywhere. I am always looking for ideas and I think that my charlotte London escorts boudoir has more or less become a theme park. Do I have fun? I love creating all of these different role play scenarios. In the future I think that I may even need a larger boudoir. The new movies coming out have inspired me a lot and I am sure that if you have a particular fetish, I can come up with the perfect role play scenario for your fetish. When you are ready to play, just give me a call here at London escorts. I promise you that we will have a really good time, and you will enjoy playing with me and all my little characters.

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