The ultimate Family enlightenment

I have been moving out of my parents’ house to live on my own for the first time. I am in desperate need of my own personal space. I hate tripping up over my parents and my annoying little brother. Also, being almost 24, it doesn’t do much for my street cred still living at home. It also makes it very hard to engage in relationships with partners, and, more importantly, do my job. Having my own place will make it easier. I don’t have to explain to my Mum and Dad where I am going each night or why I don’t need them to save dinner for me. They would be livid if I told them that each night I have a different man telling me I am beautiful and buying me expensive gourmet dinners. They don’t think too fondly of Sandhurst escorts of I love the attention. I can’t help it. Ever since I was young I have needed to be the center of attention. My Mum has hoarded countless video tapes of me doing exactly just that.. Sure most of the videos are the usual; first birthday, first steps but a lot of them are pretty much me singing and dancing keep the camera lens on me.

So I visited the local sex shop and armed myself with a bag of goodies (another reason I want to move out of the house) – I want to enjoy these toys! Some of them are hard to get the hang of. There is one rather large toy that I am still learning how to use so when I made the video I labelled it ‘Charlotte – Baby Steps’ and thought nothing more of it. I was proud of this video, I got the lighting right and I have made so much progress with the audio. It is just a shame I can’t use the whole of the toy properly yet. However, practice makes perfect!

It was my last night in my parents’ house and I had no Sandhurst escorts job later on that evening. After enjoying dinner, my family surprised me with presents and a cake to celebrate my ‘leaving the nest.’ My brother was in particularly high spirits about this and didn’t even whine when Mother suggested we should watch some homemade videos for old times’ sake.

We got in our positions, Mum and Dad on the sofa and me and my brother on the floor beneath them. We got cozy with our cake whilst Mum flicked through old tapes; me and Michael running through sprinklers in the summer, birthday parties dressed in horrendous clothes, Michael’s first steps and then my…….

I was taking a bite of cake at the time. Then I heard my own voice. Saying filthy things to my toy. I recognized the familiar lingerie I liked to wear and my bed adorned with teddy bears. Reality hit but I was too stunned, too shocked to do anything. How? Why? What then?

My flustered Mother tried to pause the tape but couldn’t stop fumbling. My Father looked horrified yet aroused at the same time and my brother was in fits of hysterics.

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