Sexy, Sexy Toys

There is absolutely nothing wrong with introducing sexy toys into your love making, but if you are new to playing with toys, where do you turn to. London escorts recently completed a survey on sexy toys. They were interested to find out if British couples used sexy toys, how they used them and what their favourite sexy toys were.

According to London escorts, many couples use sexy toys to put a smile on their partners face. Many couples have made sexy toys a big part of their love making, and London escorts said that they were initially surprised on how many couples used sexy toys. Thanks to technology there are now a lot more sexy toys to choose from, but London escorts presumed that couples still had a favourite.

Making love to your partner should be a long time relationship, but sometimes we find it a bit of a struggle. Introducing sexy toys cane be a great way to have some more fund, and make sex even more enjoyable than it already is. After all, like London escorts are keen to point out, a good sex life is good for your health.

Which toys are the best?

There are many new exciting toys on the market today, but London escorts soon realized that it is the vibrator that still rules in the bedroom. The vibrator is such as a versatile toy and it can be used for so many different pleasures. However, some London escorts said that a lot of couples are not sure on how to use vibrators and what pleasure they can give.

Stimulating nipples – vibrators on a low setting can be used to stimulate nipples. Turn the vibrator to the lowest setting, and gently hold your partner’s breast in your hand. Move the vibrator around the nipple in a circular motion, and then start kissing the entire breast. This is a very pleasure able exercise, and London escorts would recommend this as a beginner’s exercise. It is a great place to start if you have never used a vibrator before.

Another favorite game according to escorts in London, is to stimulate your husband’s balls with a vibrator. If you like you can sit between your husband’s legs and gentle let the vibrator stimulate his balls and surrounding area. Many men assume that vibrator play will not pleasure them, but there are many different ways in which vibrators can be used to stimulate men’s hot spots as well.

It is often said that couples that play together, stay together. London escorts that have long term relationships say that playing together is an important part of having a happy relationship. Bringing love and sexual satisfaction to each other should always be a pleasure. Enjoying sex can take pressure of other areas of your life, and you may find that it can help to reduce stress in other parts of your relationship.

We should never be embarrassed about wanting and needing to experience pleasure, and we should always be happy to give and take.

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