Sex Toys Instead Of Boy Toys

My friend Deena turned me on (well, not that kind) to a new sex toy last week. At first I was a wee bit embarrassed she brought up the subject while we having drinks, although I’ve been curious why she’s been in a better mood at work lately.

You need to know, I’m not your typical hard-core sex addict; quite the contrary actually. I’ve been working in the legal field for years and have established a close network of professional relationships. So when I started thinking about how to spice up things in bed, the last thing I want to get out is my interest in getting off with a little help from my new sex toys. Please visit at

Okay, here’s Deena’s true story…

She was telling me how her new boy toy was travelling overseas to Denmark on business a few months ago. It was like a few weeks away and that wasn’t quite cutting it for her. Instead of going out to find a young hottie to fuck, she played it safe one night. Can you say yummy? She had found a sex toys site that ships just about everything you can imagine in non-descriptive packaging.

Face it. Most of us in need for some getting off alone time are happy to whip out our credit card and order some delicious toys. But it’s the fear of receiving a package in the mail that scares me. Deena laughed when I brought up the subject. “Nope, no one will ever know where it’s from, “she laughed. “My toys come packaged in a non-descriptive box with a generic return address.”

Initially, Deena had ordered the usual suspects. You know, dildo, jell and of course the new super powered, over-sized vibrator. Don’t worry about your batteries running low mid-orgasm. The new ones use a dynamic power system which means you won’t be burning through packs of double-A batteries all night. Be smart. Make sure you order the lubricating jell. It’s nice when you’re not as wet as want to be. Seriously, go with a nice handful getting your dildo covered in it; so much better than that not-so-fun dry feeling.

Deena’s second order included a free sample of edible panties. Cherry flavored I think. She’s planning on wearing them the night boy toy comes back from his trip. Hmmmm, sounds fun to me, although something tells me those will be long gone a few minutes after he walks through the door!