London Blondes

Where abouts in London do you date? I personally love dating London escorts as I think all London escorts are really hot. Another great thing about the London area is that you can find escorts from every corner of the world there. For a gent like me who likes to date blonde escorts from any of the Nordic countries, London escorts agencies provide the best services. I have tried dating in many other parts of London but I cannot find any escorts that compare to London escorts like the ones from

I know the area pretty well now, and I also know many of the escorts and the different services they offer. To be honest, I can’t say that I have a preference when it comes to dating in London but there are certainly some girls that are hotter than others. A couple of the best London escorts are actually from Norway and Sweden, so to fulfill my passionate blonde dreams, I stick to dating them.


Tattiana is hot Swedish blonde with the most flexible body that I have ever seen. She is seriously into hot yoga, and this is why she is so fit. I have never tried to do yoga with her but I have seen her do yoga on many occasions. Let’s put it this way, this is one hot blonde who likes to put her body to good use and can pull some amazing poses.

I do actually have a bit of fetish for yoga girls as well, and often ask Tattiana to do yoga for me. So far, she has never said no and the last time I visited her, she did yoga for me on her coffee table wearing a very skimpy outfit. Let me tell you that seeing Tattiana do yoga on a coffee table was an experience to be savored.


Maria is a hot Norwegian blonde that I date. By day she is an underwear model so I need to plan my dates with her very carefully to make sure that she can fit me in to her dating schedule. Maria is a very special date for me as she has her own personal sauna. If, I am lucky she lets me spend an hour in her sauna, and it is an experience beyond my wildest dreams.

If you have never received a massage from a hot Norwegian blonde in a sauna, it is most certainly worth the experience. This lady can rub up an down any which way she likes, and I would never be able to get enough of her sensuous hands. We never use oils when we play in the sauna because they can burn the skin, but hot water works just as well for me on these very special occasions when I am together with Maria.

Have I persuaded you to date hot Nordic blondes in London? If I have, I hope you enjoy the experience of dating the hottest girls in London town. If I haven’t perhaps you should check out some of the hot London brunettes instead.

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