Escorts in London provides plenty of money, huge clients are coming from big time personalities in the society

Various businessmen coming from different places engaging into trips and vacations, and most likely to happen they are looking for someone to be with them especially on providing their pleasure desire. Escort is safe, the fact that this is legalized by law then no need to worry about. This is a professional business and all of the personalities involved were safe. Considering a career, especially on escorts offers certain rules to be follow. These ensures your earnings into its proper destination and most especially your safety. According to London escorts of

Know your clients

  • Ask the basic information of your clients, such as address and contact numbers. A landline number is prerequisite no landline do not entertain. Landline numbers indicates that the client has a property where he owns and he is for real.
  • Mobile phone must be with you 24/7. Communications between you and your client must be prompt especially on the day and time of your meet ups.
  • Observed your clients communicates with you. If you feel bad the way he approach you within your conversation then cancel the reservation.


  • Always be ready with your transportation credentials. So if the clients would require you to travel then you are always on the go.
  • Do not allow the client to fetch. Instead tell him that you will be the one be in the location 20 minutes ahead of your agreed time.
  • If the location is the hotel make sure you will be the one to be in front of the doors room for other add on arrangements. Make it sure to get the down payment first before anything else.
  • Once you are in travel together make sure to ride on a taxi not on his private vehicle.


  • Always be ahead of time (15 – 20 minutes ahead)
  • Have yourself check the vicinity
  • If the place sounds annoying to your taste then leave.
  • Make it sure that your client is alone and nothing in a place but himself.
  • Ask the money first before doing your thing.

Get Paid

  • Payment must be upfront and in cash.
  • Credit cards are not accepted.


  • Be always reminded that you are not a prostitute you are an escort.
  • Always be in control with your client. Don’t allow him maneuver you. Maintain it don’t ever lost it even in a single second.
  • There clients that would get attracted on you. Just let the clients be reminded that you are an escort.
  • Be safe always in sex. Make sure your client is clean and always bring condoms with you.
  • Be polite in your words in talking to clients. Don’t be arrogant in approaching in them.

The rules that had mentioned above will help escorts in sustaining their dignity and safety thats what London Escorts always do. Even into other field of careers it even have similarity but what matters most you always remain a better you in whatever field you would take.

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