East ham escorts investing

The East Ham area of London is a very popular area to date escorts in. More and more international visitors are discovering this area every day, so the Better Sex Guide thought we ought to have a chat to one of the bosses of a leading East Ham escorts agency from http://cityofeve.com/east-ham-escorts. The agency has been in business for the last ten years and is one of the most popular escorts agency in the area. It is owned by a lady called Maggie and she recently visited our offices here at the Better Sex Guide to share some of her business wisdom with us girls.

Maggie used to be an escort and work in central London. However, after a divorce from her Russian husband, she decided to set up her own East Ham escorts service. She had always wanted to run her own business and after her divorce she found herself with some spare cash on her hands. Now was a good time as any, and Maggie set up her own agency. From the start Maggie had a really clear objective on her business and wanted to provide a quality service both to local gents and international visitors to London. She did not want to be stuck in a niche and she still focuses on broader horizons.

According to Maggie it is very important that we move with the times. Escorts services are always changing and unless we change to meet our dates needs says Maggie, we will go out of business. During her ten years of running East Ham escorts she has seen many agencies come and go. A lot of business failures have been down to inflexibility she says. Gents pleasures have changed but the agencies they use have not moved with the times at all. They have not shown any desire in wanting to change and this has lead to numerous business failures in her opinion.

The world of East Ham escorts services is a fast moving one. The girls who work for the agency are now applying their unique skills in many different ways. This includes massage service, duo dating and dating for couples. Of course, amidst of all of this regular services are still maintained. At the moment Maggie says that she can’t get enough brunette escorts but she knows that fashion will soon change. In a couple of years time we will be back with blondes and then it is time for the redheads. It all comes around she says.

In the recent year, Maggie has noticed a growing trends for out calls. Gents, especially foreign visitors, like their East Ham girls to come to them. Maggie says we are as found of take away girls as we are off take away food, and this just seems to be a general trend in today’s society. Maggie says that we live in a very busy world but more gents than ever are focusing on relaxing. They realize how bad stress can be for you, and often arrange dates over two hours instead of the standard one hour. So much better for them and the agency says Maggie.

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