Connie did not really expect for me to fall in love with her

She did not notice what was in my heart because I tried to keep my feelings a secret but one day I could not hide it anymore. I do not want to pretend that I have no feelings for her anymore. My moment is now and I will do everything to make her stay with me. Connie is a Chelsea escort of who treats me like a friend. But little that this Chelsea escorts knows I was beginning to fall in love with her.


It was not intentional at all. I have had a girlfriend in the past but when she broke up with me my heart turned to Connie. I have been in love with this Chelsea escort for a very long time now and I feel like I am going crazy if I am not with her. When I told this Chelsea escort about my feelings she was shocked. I got so worried because at that time she did not say anything to me. But after a few days later I received a message from her.


She told me that she was thinking about why I told her about those things and is wondering if I was kidding around. But I was totally honest with this Chelsea escort. I meant every worked that I said to her. The more that I tell her that I want to be with her the more our feelings intensify for each other. Now that I have told her about my feelings I felt relived. I know that it’s out of my hands now. She is the only person that can decide where our relationship would end up.


The more I think about it the more I wonder what would happen if we would get married. This Chelsea escort is a great woman and everybody knows this. I just can’t believe that there are so many people that did not realize how beautiful this Chelsea escort is. She is not only a beautiful woman in the outside but also inside. People who have not been nice to us and what we are trying to do are alright with me. As long as I got this Chelsea escort with me I am fine with my life. There is no real reason why I should be sad because I know that I have a beautiful Chelsea escort with me.


I do think that if I do not have her as my girlfriend my life would be completely different. Although I will try to find another woman again it’d not going to be perfect as when I am who this Chelsea escort. I always have been trying to understand what is the meaning behind my love for her and after so many deep thoughts that I realize there is no words that can define my love for this Chelsea escort she will definitely be the girl for my future.

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