Being a Nerd and Sex God

I cannot see why girls do not think that nerds are sexy. Having been a nerd all of my life, I cannot help to feel that something has gone wrong. None of the average girls that I meet in my life seem to think that I am sexy, but the girls at Balham escorts do. They say that they get really turned on by guys who are really smart and they found brains sexy. I keep on wondering if they can see that, why cannot ordinary girls see that.

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Nerds are very much aware of their status. Even when I went to school, I found it really hard to get a girlfriend. Things did not get better as I got older and it was then I started to date Balham escorts. It did not seem to matter how many times that I changed my looks, I was still a nerd to most girls out there. The fact that I am very smart did never turn them on and they kind of laughed when I was trying to have a conversation with them. It used to hurt a lot but I have got over it by now.

The fact is that I have my own successful company. Most of the guys that I went to school with have not done so well for themselves. They may not even own their homes but I do. I have a lovely house here in London, and a luxury villa in the South of France. Sometimes I take a couple of the girls from Balham escorts with me to the South of France. We have a great time together and there is nothing like having a couple of hot girls around the pool.

But, I have avoided of getting full of myself. Some guys who have done really well for themselves are always bragging about what they have achieved. Yes, I am proud of what I have achieved in my life but I would never brag about it. I have just accepted that I have done well and invested my money in sensible stuff. The home in France is a great place to spend time in, but I also like my own luxury pent house here in London.

The girls at Balham escorts keep telling me that I should tell girls what I have. But, when I stop and think about it, I don’t think it is the right way to go about things when it comes to life. Sure the girls at Balham escorts have got a valid point, but at the same time, I want girls to like me for who I am. After all of this time, I am finally happy in my own skin and I like me. There is no way that I am going to change and end up with a girl just because I have got tons of money. That would not be right. No, I want my girl to genuinely love me as I think it is the most precious commodity in the entire world.

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