Adult entertainment of Westminster

Do the London Westminster escorts ever have the time to go to the movies? As a matter of fact, some Westminster hot babes are real movie buffs, they like nothing better than a night out at the movies together with their friends. I think that we all like a night out at the movies but do our Westminster babes have any favorite movies? Like the rest of us, most Westminster hot babes of have favorite movies. The girls thought it would be interesting for you to know what they are and why they like them. I am sure that there are many gents out there who would like to take a Westminster hot babe to the movies.

Shirley from VIP Westminster escorts is a bit of science fiction buff. It all started when she was quite young and watched ET for the first time “I just fell in love with the little guy, Shirley says, and ever since then I have been going to the cinema to see the latest science fiction. Of course, just like anybody else I love the Star Trek and Star wars franchise but there are others that I like as well. One of my all time favorite once is Independence Day with Bill Pullman – I think that he is dead sexy.

Yolli from Angel Westminster escorts also love the movies. But, she is into romantic movies. She says there is nothing like a good a Julia Roberts movie and her favorite one is of course Pretty Woman. I love that movie, says Yolli. It is a modern rags to riches story or a Cinderella story. Los Angeles escort meets dishy business men, Richard Gere in this case, and falls in love. I wish it would happen to me and I keep waiting for Richard to materialize at my door. I suppose, you never know.

Pepper from Elite Westminster escorts says that she is another movie buff, but she is an action sort of girl. I love going to the movies but it has to be something action packed such as the Terminator franchise. I can’t wait for the new one to come, I am not that into Arnold but I do like the movies. The thing is, I can actually see that happen one day so that is one of the reasons I like the movies so much. They are sort of scary but they have a positive message at the same time.

I am sure that our three Westminster escorts are not the only ones to enjoy the movies. The movies are a kind of escapism and it does not matter if you like the Minions or is addicted to action movies. We all need some time out from ourselves and the movies give us the perfect excuse to escape in a bit of escapism. When you come out from a good movie, you often feel that you have had an uplifting experience and you can almost feel all your senses tingling. It is just one of the most enjoyable things.

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