Plastic Surgery

The cost of plastic surgery has come down in price, and at the same time, it is a lot easier to find finance to pay for your surgery. One girl I know, even took out a Pay Day loan to pay for her Botox treatment. A few years ago, London escorts from seem to go through this spell of girls having plastic surgery, but a lot of that has changed now. More and more women who work for London escorts, are trying to improve their looks naturally.

Regular beauty treatments do help you to improve your looks more naturally, however, you need to make sure your use quality products. For instance, products containing parabens can have an ageing affect on the skin. If you go for regular beauty treatments like many London escorts do, it is a good idea to make sure your beautician is familiar with the health benefits of collagen and use products containing collagen during your beauty treatments.

Should you happen to be a smoker, you should give up on smoking right away. Not only will smoking damage your heart and the rest of cardiovascular system, it will also damage your skin. The problem with smoking is that it reduces your circulation, and this will lead to wrinkles and sallow looking skin. One of the girls here at London escorts, gave up smoking a couple of months ago, and her skin is already looking a lot better and healthier. In fact, she looks younger.

What you eat and drink matters a lot as well. Even excess sugar can damage your skin as your body has to work harder to metabolize excess sugar, and this causes poor micro circulation. You can soon tell if your diet is not great for your skin. Sometimes your skin will become a lot greasier and other times, it may even become drier. Finding a happy medium is important, and you should try to include plenty of oily fish in your every day diet, to enjoy good skin. Certain fruits, like avocado and bananas, are also really good for better skin health. You are better of eating an avocado with your sandwich than eating cheese. Apart form goat’s cheese, which is excellent for better skin health for both young and old.

One of the biggest challenges for us girls who work for London escorts, is actually living in London. Air quality in London is pretty bad, and it can play havoc with your skin. Using natural skincare products helps a lot, but at the same time, it is important to get plenty of sleep. When you sleep, your body goes through this natural healing process. The brain discovers small problems and sets about fixing them. My best beauty trick is getting plenty of sleep, but I know many London escorts like to party a bit more, and sleep a little bit less. That is not a good idea when you want to look good for work.

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